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There are numerous tours to be taken in this town with 550+ guides to lead them. We believe we chose well with Old Charleston Walking Tours and our guide, Denny.

Civil War & Slavery:  These are the richest and most controversial veins in Charleston's history. What caused the Civil War? Why did it start here? What role did slavery play? Why did slavery flourish here, and make this the most important slave port in the nation? This tour will answer all of these questions. Journey back in time to a very different city, and walk the razor's edge between politics and war. From the first shots at Fort Sumter to the fall of Charleston, this tour covers all the key events of the war in addition to many surprising insights. Perfect for both beginners and experts.
We learned about the characters that shaped this town: military heroes, authors, businessmen and various notable individuals. One such person was Denmark Vesey (1767 – 1822) a literate, skilled carpenter and leader among African Americans here. He is notable as the accused and convicted ringleader of "the rising," a major potential slave revolt planned for the city in June 1822. The rising was foiled but it left a lasting mark on the architecture on some of the homes. This barrier of spikes was mounted on many houses due to the fear that another uprising could happen. It never did, but the reminders are still present.

We strolled down cobblestone streets, walking in history while learning it.
The house behind us was in the middle of all the action and yet survived the Civil War unscathed. The photo below was taken at the war's end (1865), with a disassembled gun in the foreground. That gun still sits in the park across the street. So very, very Charleston.

While we delight in meandering about on our own, there is something to be said about being lead by someone who knows all the details of a place and is willing to share them freely. I did not want the tour to end. There is still a great deal to be learned.
After the tour, Chuck went golfing with friends. We then met back at our apartment for dinner and a stroll to the Night Market which provided us with the opportunity to discover unique, local and handcrafted items. This is one of the largest and most diverse Artisan markets which stretches for three city blocks.
 "Mr. Bone Tangles" was a hit.
Hmm, I kind of like the name Glam-ma. This was a pretty cute pillow. 
The evening ended with all of us back at our home. Definitely another great day in Charleston.

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Karen Booth said...

Looks like another great day with your brother. I was going through flower withdrawal, so I'm glad you gave me a fix.

Nickanddeb Bako said...

Looks like we need a night trip to the market. Looks super fun.

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