Charleston is a city with many nicknames: "The Holy City", "Port City", " Charlie O", "Palmetto City", "The Big Sweet Grass Basket" and my favorite, especially for this weekend, is "Chucktown", since my big brother, Chuck, arrived today.

Chuck wanted the culinary favorite here, Shrimp & Grits. After getting advice from locals, we chose to dine at The Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar. Not only was the food exceptional, but the building is cool and historic. Built in 1851,  this three-story brick building was mostly destroyed by the 1886 earthquake, except for the cast iron storefront which survives today with some of the French plate glass intact and an original iron column in the bar. Really interesting stuff everywhere.

The program for the evening was a presentation at the Charleston Library Society (1748), an incredible place I visited the last time we were here.
Authors  Harlan Greene and William P. Baldwin along with photographer, N. Jane Iseley, shared their four year in the making tome, The Preservation of Charleston.
The book, described by Whitney Powers as, "A beautifully wrought book, introduced by these storyteller's history of Charleston, full of revealed mythology, glimmers of knowingness, secrets.... challenging us today to consider the possibility of rendering our own day-to-day existence with a kind of artistry and confidence that can survive for 300 years" seemed to describe the presentation as well. We were given a glimpse into the exquisite homes we have only been able to admire from the world outside.
Last stop was the roof top bar, Pavilion. This is where drinks were had, plans were made and views were admired.
Oh and pools were stepped into.
What a weekend this will be in Chucktown with Chuck.

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Karen Booth said...

No big surprise, but my fav pic was the pool, lit umbrella reflection.

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