"Stranger than Fiction" @ PULP

On our explores of Charleston, we have passed this storefront numerous times, always looking in but never stopping.

PULP is an interesting place specializing in new and unique art, photography and popular culture books & zines. Along with vintage and contemporary photographs, signed prints and other multiples & ephemera, it is a space that was perfect for the exhibit we came for- "Stranger than Fiction".
All true!  All shocking!! Over 80 vintage circus sideshow, medical, crime and tabloid photographs from the 1880s -1950s.  Meet Lionel the Lion-Faced Man, Priscilla the Monkey Girl and General Tom Thumb.  Witness cruel fates and deadly consequences. Free opening night event featuring live music, drinks and a first-look at this amazing collection.  Must be 21 or over.  All works will be for sale.
Upon first glance, the images of life's genetic cruelties were difficult to look at, however Will Eiseman, owner and curator, went an extra step by telling the human stories of these "performers". While some were tragic, many were happy with love being found and a 'happily-ever-after' ending. I liked that.
Wine flowed, live Jazz filled the air and images intrigued.
Discreetly, there was a room, in the back, that held photos of various images that were less intriguing and some quite disturbing but isn't that indicative of life? I thought this was a great summation from a review I read, " It’s all naked truth and ugly beauty captured from behind the unflinching eye of the camera’s lens."

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

For sure we are going to go see this. Looks super interesting.

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