Found Wallet: A Cautionary Tale

While we were walking, near the college, we found a student's wallet. Knowing it was graduation weekend, an urgency to find its owner, Robert, came over me (it's a mom thing I'm pretty certain). After searching the contents of the wallet, we couldn't find Robert's contact information. On the back of his College of Charleston student ID card was a "call if found" phone number. We were hoping they would call him, have him call us, and then we could safely place it in his hands so he wouldn't have to worry about his credit cards, etc.

The campus police would not allow any of that and sent an officer to retrieve it. Promptly the officer pulled out Robert's driver's license and then "Wait, what's this?" a second and fake ID. He was not surprised and kind of laughed about it.

So why this post? It is a cautionary tale. If Robert had his phone number in his wallet we would have called him. According to South Carolina law, "If you use a fake ID, you will pay a fine of up to $100 or go to jail for up to 30 days and you will lose your driver’s license for 120 days- for a first offense." So maybe the campus police, on graduation weekend, will go easy on the kid, but simply having his contact info in his wallet would have caused him a whole lot less grief. Lesson learned. We promptly got out the Sharpie and wrote our phone numbers on our licenses. We don't want to lose our fake IDs... Party On!

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Karen Booth said...

Wow - great cautionary tale! The only thing I have a phone number on is my camera. I guess you can tell what's most important to me. But now I'm rethinking things and expanding my view of important things.

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