Just Another Day in Charleston...

Today was one of those days where we really felt like we lived here.

I begin my day in my "office".
Then I met my friend, Sharon, for a 'girls only' lunch while Steve power-walked the Peninsula.
We ended our day listening to music at Edmund's Oast. Edmund Egan was an English-born brewer who came to Charleston in the 1760s and started producing beer soon after. He had great success and donated large amounts of money to the American Revolution, earning him the name “The Rebel Brewer”. Oast is an old European term for a kiln used in the drying of hops. Together the two make the name Edmund’s Oast which means, to us, a really awesome place to hang out.
Ultimately, we came here to hear this band, The Bushels, in this fabulous setting.
This popular acoustical rock band entertained with their music repertoire that ranged from bluegrass, country, soul, rock, and jazz. The banjo player, Guilds Hollowell, met with us during a break and even gave us the band's newest CD- Southern hospitality exemplified! We'll be back for their next gig here.

There was something pretty magical about the sun setting behind the Custom House (1853). It was a great end to a great day.

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Karen Booth said...

Sunset pic looked almost Roman!

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