Memorial Day in Charleston...

In his book Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, Professor David W. Blight made the case for Charleston, South Carolina, as Memorial Day's birthplace, as that city was the site of an obscure (possibly suppressed) May 1865 event, held at a racetrack turned war prison, during which freedmen properly reburied hundreds of Union dead found there and then held a ceremony to dedicate the cemetery. What a place to be today!

We began our day with Deb and Nick at the Circular Church (1681) for a diverse program by The Lynn Swanson Singers. This performance, as part of the Festival of Churches & Synagogues, is a Piccolo Spoeto highlight and included classic works from Gabrieli to Rachmaninov, modern works by Esenvalds, Clausen, and Gjeilo, as well as the folk songs and spirituals which have made the Festival Singers a regional sensation for over three decades.

We were impressed and moved! It was a perfect choice for our afternoon of music.
Next stop was cocktails and "see you laters". How wonderful it was to get to know these two fun-loving people better and to make plans for future adventures.
We then ended our last Charleston day in Marion Square for the simulcast showing of Porgy and Bess. The park was filled with dedicated theatergoers, willing to endure intermittent showers because, let's face it, the show must go on! This production was Spoleto Festival's 'star' and we were happy to conclude our visit here, seeing it. 
Our one month stay in Charleston has exceeded any expectations we might have had. What an incredible Southern Sojourn... oh the memories!

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