Charleston Beer Garden...

What a totally unforgettable day at the Charleston Beer Garden!

The event was across the river, at Patriot's Point, so we took the super fun Water Taxi there. For $10 each we were given a scenic round trip ride while not having to drive anywhere. Awesome.

I had found out about this event months ago and the anticipation was rewarded. Beer lovers gathered to celebrate and salute the suds during this, the 5th annual Charleston Beer Garden benefiting Lowcountry AIDS Services.

In addition to our beer mug, there was a ton of swag to be had (note our new matching sunglasses).
Craft beer lovers can spend the day enjoying a wide variety of craft brews along with (fantastic) live music, food trucks and vendors. An expanded Homebrewers Village is on tap for this year's festival, along with Yelp Beer Games that will test feasts of knowledge, brawn and skill.
Check out these clever necklaces. Since you aren't allowed to bring in any food, several people wore strands of pretzels... hysterical. I have to remember that.
This series of photos in extremely funny and has to be explained. After not too many samples of delicious suds, we found Nick in this position.
Not only did we find Nick in this position, every photographer also found him that way (unbeknownst to him).
Then other party goers found Nick in that position and got down there with him and their friends photographed them. What a crack up. I bet Nick is on so many facebook posts tonight.
The food was really reasonably priced, delicious and diverse.
I had a Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Yum.
The Yelp games were so fun to watch. So much so, I entered the Pony Hops Race. I lost horribly. It really is harder than it looks but I had such a great time participating. This was a fantastic local event. One where everyone seemed to have a blast. Chuck has been to Charleston several times and he said he has never experienced such nice weather as the sea breezes kept the heat at bay. Oh man, I am running out of adjectives to describe our visit here. Today was splendid!

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Karen Booth said...

When you said it was a totally unforgettable day, I'm assuming you weren't including Nick's memories. Too funny! And five words you never want to hear -- you have to go back :)

Nickanddeb Bako said...

What an amazing day it was!! So glad we were all together and we got to meet Chuck too. Almost forgot the school bus ride. Jeeze what a day!

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