Always a good day for a waltz...

Our Memorial Day evening was spent with the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, whose very talented ensemble was chosen from nationwide auditions.  While I'm not proud to admit this, I do not know choreographic from tone poems or Richard from Johann (Strauss), but I will admit the pieces played tonight were moving and breathtaking.

 The night began with Richard Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra...
About this sound sample
Its introduction fanfare, "Sunrise" has become known to the general public due to its use as a musical motif in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Der Freischutz
and Die Fiedermaus brought great cheers from the audience.  Ravel's La Valse has been described as a tribute to the waltz.  Most believe it is in fact a less sentimental reflection of post-World War I Europe  A fitting choice for the somberness of today.  While most of the waltzes, however, were whimsical.

The conductor, Emmanuel Villaume, chose Johann Strauss I's most famous piece, Radetzky March, as his encore.  While conducting the orchestra, he would turn and conduct us, the clapping audience, as well.  Loud clap...Quiet clap...No clap.  I have never been such a happy participant in such an impressive ensemble.  He was as fun to watch and the orchestra was to listen to.

A painter paints pictures on canvas. 
But musicians paint their pictures on silence. 
~Leopold Stokowski

Blog side note:  Steve had criticized my blog as being too verbose.  I apologize for that but am using this form to remember all that is swirling about us.  If the words are too excessive, feel free to skim!

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