Wine Tasting at Cline Family Cellars

Spending the weekend with one son and daughter-in-law helped ease us out of Island Time and back into reality... a really happy reality.

Come visit us and enjoy a true Sonoma experience. Breathtaking landscapes, the California Mission Museum, adorable animals, wonderful people, and complimentary tastings of some of the best wines California has offer will make this an adventure you'll remember.
Tasting occurred on the porch of a beautifully restored farmhouse built in 1853! Nestled on 350 acres, this was a truly peaceful place that we all plan to return to again (with a picnic basket).

It was rather unique to get a history lesson at a winery, but Cline Cellars is that kind of place. The land, itself, has a place in history (read below). And located on the property is the California Missions Museum, a historic display of all 21 California missions, built to scale in 1939 for the California Pacific Exhibition. The building was designed and constructed specifically to house these models. Wild stuff.
About the property, in 1991 Fred (Jacuzzi) Cline and his wife Nancy, relocated their original winery to this area that was the site of a Miwok village and was the original site of Mission San Francisco de Solano. In the 1850s, the property was owned by German immigrants who operated a dairy and supplied the majority of San Francisco with carp, which they kept in six spring-fed ponds that remain on the property. We delighted in feeling these interesting creatures.
And how cute are these miniature Sicilian donkeys? There certainly was enough things to see and do at Cline Cellars, in addition to sipping their fine wines on the porch. Yes, this was the perfect end to our perfect holidays!

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