Gary Noy's Gold Rush Stories...

One of my most favorite storytellers is Gary Noy,  a historian of the Sierra Nevada and the American West.

How can you not be intrigued by a talk titled, Very Little Law of Any Kind:  Law, Legislation and Hullabaloo during the California Gold Rush?
Gary Noy's return to the South Lake Tahoe Library was to launch his newest book, Gold Rush Stories: 49 Tales of Seekers, Scoundrels, Loss and Luck, which features forty-nine unique, interesting and sometimes hard to believe, stories from the California Gold Rush. Through a very entertaining slideshow, accompanied by mesmerizing dialog, Gary gave us yet another unforgettable history lesson. I ♥ our amazing California history, as told by Gary Noy!

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Cyndy Brown said...

This was my first time listening to Gary. He is a wonderful storyteller. I bought his latest book and can't wait to read the pages!

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