Frolicking in Folsom with Friends

It had been too long since we had visited with Russ, Keri and their children (our relocated friends from Temecula), so on an amazingly beautiful day, we left 30° Tahoe for 77° Folsom.

After a delightful lunch, we meandered the historic downtown. Folsom is famous thanks to Johnny Cash's 1956 song. The city's rich history actually began more than a century earlier with California's great Gold Rush and arrival of the railroad. Everywhere we walked, we saw reminders of its past.
We even had a Hobbit sighting!
We eventually found ourselves in Pioneer Village, the outdoor interpretive center for the Folsom History Museum. What a neat space consisting of a variety of displays, equipment, and other exhibits, including an authentic working blacksmith forge (always intriguing). Each was a part of the big picture that showcased the different eras of this town's development.

Oh man, I totally have a thing for trains and I especially liked this genuine Southern Pacific Railroad caboose.
Steve almost struck it rich gold panning- almost.
Afterward, the entire family joined together to make me an amazing birthday dinner. And Russ and I were serenaded for our shared birthday week. Just when you think your birthday month is over, a loving friend keeps the party going. Life is fun in Folsom!

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Karen Booth said...

Did you know that 77 degrees is my "perfect" temperature? Glad you slipped your birthday celebration into April.

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