Hawaii: The End

Engraved in the walkways of  Waikīkī are Hawaiian words, defined. I thought this one was the fitting word for today...

As we were driving to the airport, we wrote a list of the things we liked the most about our third trip to O'ahu. The list is in no specific order and certainly not complete:
  1. Palm Cottage and the amazing owners Norm & Millie. Every need was met. They exemplify Aloha. For ten days we were 'home'.
  2. Waking to the sound of birdsong. With the time change, we had no idea when to get up. We knew it was morning when the sweet sounds of birds told us so.
  3. Plumeria everywhere, in a variety of colors, just waiting to be picked and placed behind one's ear.
  4. Balmy breezes, warm clear waters, spectacular beaches.
  5. Skakas- sometimes known as "hang loose", given so freely whenever something nice happens. The most special was from an octogenarian+ after we patiently waited for her to cross the street.
  6. The welcomed contrast between the hustle of Waikīkī and the tranquility of Kailua.
  7. Agnes' Portuguese Bakery's massive $2 pastries.
  8. Kalapawai Market's turkey cranberry wraps served with a great deal of Aloha.
  9. Every moment spent on our lanai, overlooking the lush garden of our Cottage.
  10. Wearing less clothes than we typically do in April.
  11. Spending ten days on an island we have been to twice before and doing all new and unique activities while making magical memories.
“Hawaii is still the single most frequent fantasy destination,
not because of political stability or conveniences,
but because Hawaii seduces the imagination.
It's the perfect postcard, no props, no fillers.”
― Robert Wintner

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