My Diverse Day...

Every once in awhile, I have one of those days that has a variety of cool stuff happening in it. Today was one.

It began with the monthly AAUW Talking on Paper: Women Writing group meet up. Hanging out with these women is just plan fun. We catch up, eat, write, commiserate, laugh and just delight in each other's company.
Then Karen took me out to Hope Valley for pie. I had a scrumptious piece of Oatmeal, pecan, butterscotch. Yum! Afterward, we return to her home to plot our upcoming trip to San Francisco.

The evening concluded at our Winter Trek Appreciation Dinner with Jan, Jenny and Bob. It always makes the snowshoeing so much more rewarding when we all get together at the end of the season. It was just a really cool day with some great friends.
"Those who can, do.
Those who can do more, volunteer."

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