O'ahu Festival- Our Day Pt. 3

We ended our day back at Waikīkī for a Block Festival celebrating the island.

It seemed that everyone got the invite to this party!
The food being offered was unique and interesting.
I really had no idea what this big bowl of Oreo goo was but the purchaser was very happy.
The weirdest was this thing. From a food blogger, "Get ready for the next big sensation to hit the local ice cream foodie scene: Korean Pipe Ice Cream!  And big it is, measuring an envious 17″ long from the top to the bottom of its wacky J-bend shape."
In addition to food, there were art stands and a surprisingly large number of Asian brides.

Add a couple of characters to take photos with and I'm a super happy tourist. This was the perfect end to our Honolulu Day 2, Hawaii Day 5.

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Cyndy Brown said...

You're making me hungry!!!

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