Photographing the "Tin Man"...

Our friend, Cyndy Brown, is a fabulous artist and when she asked me to photograph her latest piece for the Tahoe Art League's Studio Tour, I was beyond excited.

This began as a blank mannequin and has been transformed into the coolest "Tin Man" ever. It is the first piece in a series of Wizard of Oz themed works. I can't wait to see the entire 'cast'. Wow.
There is no way to fully explain/show the details in Cyndy's work but I hope this close up of the Tin Man's heart, gives a small glimpse.

"At a time where war, politics and the economy are taking a toll on us,
it is my intention to divert us from a world that is much too serious
to a different place where imaginations can play."
-Cyndy Brown

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Karen Booth said...

Super WOW! Does Cyndy sleep? I know that she was out playing with you a lot during your birthday month.

Nesbit Library rocks! said...

Wow. I'd love to see this in person, but WOW.

Cyndy Brown said...

You are too kind, my friend. I thank you for taking the photos for the Art League.

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