The Donner Party Musical Again...

Today's matinee had been planned for weeks and even though I just saw this new American Musical on Wednesday, it was just as wonderful because of the company I was with- Tahoe friends and Steve. It also helped that it was a glorious 95° day in Sacramento.

Because we were an entourage from the Lake Tahoe Historical Society, we were invited to arrive early for The Prologue... a talk about the play, hosted by Abbey Williams-Campbell (the actress who plays Mary Ann Graves). It was an informative discussion about the history of the Donner Party and just how this musical came to be. After listening to her passionate descriptions, I viewed the production differently and found it even more enjoyable the second time around.

This play was not written to be a documentary. The authors "imagined what those pioneers might have to say if they could reach across the years and speak to us now. We imagined that their message to us would be one of hope and gratitude." I am grateful to the Sacramento Theatre Company for an exceptional afternoon of history, entertainment, talent, and the gift of looking at the tragedy of the Donner Party in a whole new light. Bravi!

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