Our Wonderful Winter Wednesday...

Some of our days are quite diverse and today was no exception.

I spent most of the day with Karen and when she suggested a walk, I added the destination- the Truckee River. There was something pretty enchanting about the frozen scenes.

These ice shard clusters laid atop the frozen water and were intriguing to me.

When we said we were going for a walk, Stephen joined in on our  fun- "the more the merrier".
While I was playing with Karen, Steve was skiing. His view at 10,000' was a bit different, but equally as beautiful as mine.

The evening found us at our library delighting in local author Jennifer Quashnick as she presented her newest Mountaingirl Mystery- Sierra Nevada River of Lies. Jennifer shared this exciting tale of a murder, a missing professor and a submerged car, all fictitiously taking place in the Sierras. Fun stuff.
Then, just when I thought the day could hold no more wonderment, we ran into the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department's Holiday Fire Truck. Driving through the streets of town, this bearer of Christmas songs, candy canes and cheer was the ideal end to a pretty great day!

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