New & Old Friends...

Today was all about connecting with friends.

Julie and I met in college in 1980. Today, we connected for a day of catch up. What fun.
For several years, I was very active with the Temecula Sister City Association. I led student groups here and in Japan. Kozo was our guide and friend. How fun that we were in town for a reunion with this important relationship.
Mark makes the most amazing food and these ribs were "the best I've ever had", according to Steve.
Every December, a delegation comes from Daisen. This year, four 21 year olds were the dignitaries. They were meant to come as middle school students but the year they were selected was the year the R1N1 virus halted most travel. How wonderful that their American Dreams came true and how cool that we got to be a part of it all, even briefly.

"There are no strangers here;
Only friends you haven't yet met."
-William Butler Yeats

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