Music, Art & the Nevada State Museum...

Each visit, to see the Tahoe exhibit at the museum in Reno, has offered a unique experience.

For my fourth visit, I accompanied my friend Kae for her first explore. After spending an hour and a half just on one floor of exhibits, we headed to Chez Louie (the museum's delightful cafĂ©) for its Sunday Music Brunch with the wonderful music of the Colin Ross Band.
My le montage, a bacon bread pudding with chorizo and poached eggs, was just the fuel I needed to continue for another hour of museum going.
As a fan of John Muir, I'm really bummed I missed the presentation by Dr. Michael Branch, one of the foremost scholars of John Muir’s journals, when he discussed Muir’s 1888 visit to Lake Tahoe and the journal on display in this exhibition. Each time I have visited the Tahoe: A Visual History, I'm drawn to Mr. Muir's writings. To see his description of Fallen Leaf Lake and his illustrations of rock formations is a pretty powerful image of the man.

I continue to stress to everyone that this exhibit is a must-see. It closes forever on Jan. 10th and will not be seen anywhere again. Tahoe's history told through art is a truly once-in-a-lifetime happening.

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