A Return to Reno...

Wanting to celebrate my other friend Karen's birthday in a unique way, I brought her to Reno for lunch, a brief explore and a visit to the Tahoe exhibit.

The city of Reno holds treasures if one only hunts for them.

I was here just ten days ago, but TAHOE: A Visual History demands multiple viewings.

The Nevada Museum of Art has organized the first major art historical survey exhibition of painting, Native baskets, photography, architecture, and contemporary art dedicated to Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass, and the surrounding Sierra Nevada region.
This is one of my favorite pieces. Around the Vast Blue, created by Richard Crotty for this exhibit, is 60" in diameter, made with pencil, ink, acrylic and gouache on paper on a fiberglass sphere. The artist was commissioned to produce one of his signature “sphere” artworks about Lake Tahoe. Crotty stayed at Glenbrook and sailed out onto Lake Tahoe in order to make preparatory drawings akin to traditional coastal profiles used in exploration art. He then made test spheres to test the horizon line of the Tahoe Basin and major features. Much of the final topography was made by lettering quotes in pencil on the painted sphere from Mark Twain’s account of being at Tahoe in Roughing It. So much more than what meets the eye... and definitively worth another visit.

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

It was a SUPER FUN birthday day! The museum show is incredible, we browsed in Sundance Books afterwards--a terrific independent bookstore. And we saw FIVE RAINBOWS on our drive home! Thanks for an amazing day, Denise.

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