STEAMPUNK Gala Photo Booth...

Lauren Lindley is an amazing photographer and any event that hosts her and her photo booth is bound to be a success. The Steampunk Gala and all its magic was captured in her lens. Here is just a small sampling of the awesomeness.

What's awesome and different about Lauren's photo booth is that she created a special shutter trigger that is operated by one's foot. This means there is no one behind the camera allowing a unique freedom of expression. It's truly what makes is so fun and extraordinary.
Bob's costume, created by Jenny, won for the men's best... deservedly.

Jennifer, Kim, Cyndy and I worked really closely on this event. What fun for the team to be captured together.

I'm so happy Lauren got into her own photo booth!

This was the winning woman's outfit.

The highlight was the company of Garth Stein, author of one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain, which has sold more than 4 million copies in 35 languages, and spent more than three years on the New York Times bestseller list.  Garth was a super fun guest and will be speaking at tomorrow's WordWave festival. This night was one of those whose memories will linger for a very long time- unforgettable!

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