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This is our second time participating in the Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™, the world’s largest photo walk that took place in over 1,200 cities simultaneously TODAY.

The Worldwide Photo Walk is the world’s largest global and social photography event, and has grown immensely in size and popularity since the inaugural walk back in 2007. Last year alone, over 30,000 photographers of all walks of life and skill levels took to the streets to explore their corner of the world through photography.
Jim Markle, our leader, took us for a guided walk along the Lam Watah Trail which includes a willow-lined pond, a view of Rabe meadow, a sprightly stream, stands of pine forest and views of Lake Tahoe with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.

 Karen joined in the fun, too.

I was beyond excited to see wildflowers still in bloom.

Any day one can be out and about in Lake Tahoe is a very, very good day.

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

AMEN to the last sentence! It was a beautiful fall day made even more lovely walking with you and Steve.

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