Happy Nevada Day!!!

Those were the words gleefully shouted all day today in Carson City for the 151st anniversary of Nevada becoming a state. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and genuine kindness of our neighbors just off the hill.

We headed out early to watch the majesty of several balloons taking off right on Carson Street. The RE/MAX Nevada Day Balloon Launch is operated under the assistance of the Great Reno Balloon Race - another first I hope to accomplish one day.

Next stop was the Republican Women's Pancake Breakfast at the Governor's Mansion.
Our $6 breakfast included pancakes, eggs, ham, orange juice and coffee, and was a scholarship fundraiser.

The highlight of today was the Nevada Day Parade. We watched for over two hours and saw only 90 of the 180 entries. Wow!
One of the Grand Marshals was actor, Jack Waggon, a local boy done good.

Ben Rupert rode with Sherry Rupert, the parade's first Native American Female Grand Marshal.  
Día de Muertos was celebrated with costumed equestrians.
New cars and old were proudly on display.

Governor Brian Sandoval walked amongst his people.
This is a "Where's Denise?" moment. Somewhere in there is our own Tahoe Bagpiper, Seán Cummings.
Military of all kinds were showcased in the parade.
This Paws 4 Passengers pup wandered the crowd for petting opportunities.
Law enforcement was represented in many ways. I loved this old Highway Patrol car best.
I am incredibly emotional when it comes to Veterans. Every war was represented, and the cheers were hopefully enough for them to know how much we appreciate their service.
While the parade marched on, we decided to explore more of the Day. Intriguing to me was the 41st annual World Championship Single Jack Rock Drilling Contest.
Contestants use 4 1/2 pound hammers and 3/4" steel bits to drill as deep and as fast as they can in a 4,320 lb piece of Sierra White Granite from the Yosemite area (the hardest known granite in the region). Contestants have 10 minutes to pound the drills into the solid stone, their only help is from an assistant who runs water into the hole so the loose stone chips are splashed out with every stroke of the hammer on steel. The deepest hole wins. The contest goes back to the Comstock mining skills of earlier times, when blast holes for dynamite were punched into ore bodies by hand. Steve could hardly watch. The thought of a hand getting mangled was too much for him.
Okay, so we missed a couple of events. I'm most sad about the beard growing contest. There's always another year... And with all the hoopla of Nevada Day, we almost forgot it was Halloween. These two lovers reminded us. This was a diverse and unique day of small town fun and sincere State pride. We loved it all.

There is the land that I love the best,
Fairer than all I can see.
Right in the heart of the golden west
Home means Nevada to me.
-Bertha Raffetto, Nevada's State Song

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