WordWave: 14 Hours of Amazement...

Day 2 was the most diverse of days. It began with morning yoga and an opening blessing by Native American storyteller Ralph Burns.

The day continued offering something of interest to everyone. 
At the Maker's Station, attendees printed works of art, wrote "Found Poetry" and even made books.

The Grand Hall, looking a bit different from last night, hosted numerous intriguing seminars such as Turning the Physical World into Story, Turning Your Travel and Adventures Into Tales and so much more.
Ben Rupert: Washoe Artist and Drum Maker shared with the audience his knowledge of the Paiute and Washoe people and their culture through story.
McAvoy Layne, along with a panel of esteemed writers, hosted a lively roundtable discussion on writing about Lake Tahoe and its rich history.
Even Steve joined in on the Picnic Lunch with Garth Stein.
Garth told interesting stories of his life, his inspirations and fun experiences.

Lewis Buzbee, author of Steinbeck's Ghost, hosted a novel writing camp for kids. He led writers, ages 9-12, through his "Amazing, Fool-Proof Start Your Own Novel Kit." What fun that was for everyone.
Karen and he bonded at the Gala.
While I was busy volunteering it made the day extra fun because my team of helpers were friends. How fun for me that Cyndi was there to help but also that she won her own Free Little Library that was being raffled off.

After taking a break for delicious Fish & Chips at the Beacon, Karen and I returned for A Reading in the Grand Hall. Pam Houston, novelist and memoirist; Camille Dungy, poet; and Galye Brandeis, novelist and memoirist shared their stories. It was surprisingly intimate even in this vast room. I was mesmerized by this trio of incredible women.
The finale, to the day we didn't want to end, was the One-Act Play Competition Winners Performance at the Boathouse.
While these were just staged readings and not fully produced, they were incredibly well done and truly edge-of-your seat performances.
The first place winner, Compromising Positions, was a comedy that was just what the audience needed... great, great laughs.
At the conclusion of all three plays, the playwrights and their directors fielded questions. What a perfect end to a perfect event.

This post does little to capture the magic of WordWave. I thought I'd share some of the feedback received...

This weekend changed my life. You can put that on your brochure for next year.

What a beautiful, inspiring, nurturing, moving--not to mention insanely fun--literary festival. I feel sated with words and connection. ♥

My immense gratitude . . . the best literary event I have attended in years, decades even. WordWave was wonderful. I can't wait to see what gets cooked up for next year's WWTahoe! Thanks!

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