36 Hours on U.S. Route 395...

Wanting to experience the Fall Colors, we hit the road at 6 AM for a sight sensation adventure.

This road, paralleling the Eastern Sierras, has been my favorite since we began traveling to Tahoe (first time in 1986). It is an artist's vibrant palette.
Upon our first Fall foliage sighting, I had to do a little dance of joy. Steve happened to capture it through the windshield.
The Eastern Sierra's varied elevations- from 5,000- 10,000 feet- mean the trees peak in color at different times. We were gleefully on a treasure hunt.
Our first detour was to Lundy Canyon.
Lundy Canyon packs an amazing amount of spectacular scenery into a short trip into the heart of the High Sierra’s Hoover Wilderness. Along the way, one encounters enormous beaver ponds, beautiful waterfalls, abundant meadows and, soaring cliffs.
Bob and Jenny did this journey last year, so they were our expert tour guides.

Onward to Parker Lake. There was something magical about a photo excursion into a place named the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Our breathtaking path, along Parker Creek, had the forest quickly become lush and verdant.

After a two mile hike, our destination was the beautiful subalpine Parker Lake, framed by the Sierras. 

We continued onto June Lake Loop where we didn't travel far before pulling alongside the road. It was quite humorous to see us pile into the car, only to drive a few feet, not realizing there was going to be another scenic need to pause.

Our accommodations for the evening were at the wonderfully located Virginia Creek Settlement. There was something very appealing about sleeping in a covered wagon (#7). Rustic and romantic... it fit our needs to a tee.
The Virginia Creek Settlement is nestled in the natural beauty of the eastern slopes of the High Sierra within easy driving distance to Bodie Ghost Town, Mono Lake, Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park, June Lake and Mammoth Lakes. Stop by on your way to Carson City, Virginia City, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. The resort is centrally located to some of the best fishing in the eastern slopes of the High Sierra.
Day #1 was one of natural beauty, fun times with friends and unique sights we had never seen. Tomorrow holds the promise of even more amazement.

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Jenny Anderson-Sweatt said...

We loved every minute of our whirlwind 36-hour fall-color adventure with you. All fun and so beautiful. 19 miles of walking logged in on our app! Love your photos capturing it all. Gotta smile when I see your covered wagon - you brave pioneer lady. brrrrr That could have been one cold night!!! Glad you enjoyed.

Bob Sweatt said...

What a great place to go to. We love it and enjoyed being your "tour guides".

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