Farm-To-Table Extravaganza...

After our last stay in the quaint town of Nevada City, we booked a return visit for this exceptional evening.

Lower Commercial Street, in the historic downtown, was completely transformed into an enchanting setting with the 150 year old New Orleans style buildings and the ever popular terrazzo lights hanging overheard.
We dined at one long family style table of 120 diners that filled the streets. The bouquet lined table was the spectacular centerpiece of the evening.

With wonderful servers who brought us a sumptuous six course, organic family style dinner.

In the tradition of Cinema Paridiso, a silent film was shown on a historic building's wall, bringing even more festivities to the scene.
Throughout the event, I observed this plein air artist documenting the magic in paints.
As the dining came to an end, the dancing began, accompanied by the talented group, The Crux. These guys were awesome... "an encyclopedia band of multi-instrumentalists, performing barn dance tunes, klezmer jams, pirate shanties, and bluesy dirges in a theatrical performance style." What a delicious, fun, unforgettable night in Nevada City!

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For Travel's Sake said...

That looks Italian. It reminds me of our dinner we had in Umbria. Remember the limoncello?? ;)
Really great pictures.
How memorable it must have been.

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