Birding with the Famous Bob & Jenny

Recently our friends were featured in an article on Lake Tahoe News about their birding. It was a fabulous article and one that made us want to go out exploring with them again.

My comment on the article was, "Spending the morning with Bob & Jenny, birding, is almost zen-like. There is a peacefulness mixed with giddiness when a bird is spotted. Birding is addictive with these two and Tahoe is even more amazing when one looks beyond the trees and sees the beauty of the various birds."

Being at the shore, observing the vibrancy of nature, is a pretty special treat.
And to me, it's about the birds AND the bees!

"I go to Nature to be soothed and healed,
and to have my senses put in tune once more."
-John Burroughs

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For Travel's Sake said...

I am jealous! I want birder friends! The article is great, as are their pictures.
Good thing Jack Black and Steve Martin made a movie about Big Years or I wouldn't have a clue about it beforehand.
They can supplement their income with their talent. A birder in Suchitoto, El Salvador charges 225$ for a few hours on the lake bird hunting.

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