Stateline Lookout Hike...

Bob and Jenny suggested a new path for us- the Stateline Fire Lookout Hike on North Shore.

The hike is named for the Stateline Fire Lookout which was originally built in 1936 at elevation 7,017 feet. This Lookout tower was dismantled in 2002 after technological advances in fire detection made human spotters too expensive and obsolete.
The hike, though often overlooked and off the beaten path, is a great high-elevation vantage point on the other side of the Lake.

The paved, fairly flat path is a short quarter mile in length and gave us an extremely rewarding and spectacular bird’s eye view. Extra special were the history lessons we learned along the self-guided trail which provided surprising facts of the Lake Tahoe area through informative plaques. How fun to be in nature and actually learn something, too. It was a great, great hike.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

What a gorgeous view!
What a shame they had to dismantle the lookout (is it in a ranger's backyard?). We use human lookouts in SoCal but they are all volunteers. I have lots of desire to get trained to do that.
Thank for sharing!

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