An Explore of Fort Ross...

We pulled up camp this morning for our relocation, 106 miles south of Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay. While traveling, we stopped at Fort Ross State Park for an incredible history lesson.

Since 1906, Fort Ross has been a California State Park, one of the oldest in the Park System. The Fort, itself, was almost 100 years old at that time.
The history of this amazing place is way more intense than I could share here. I highly recommend everyone learn this California lesson.
Briefly, in 1812, Russian and Alaskan explorers established the Fort here at Metini, a centuries-old Kashaya Pomo coastal village. The Russian-American Company established colonies from Kodiak Island to Sitka, as well as Hawaii. When they expanded, they needed a California site that could serve as a trading base and a provider of supplies to Alaska.

The Russians here contributed greatly to California's scientific knowledge. Their voyages expanded the study of geography, cartography, ethnography, etc. And the results gained from being on the sea brought about many early charts of California's north coast.
Much history took place on this wave-cut marine terrace. This was merely another glimpse into those who came before us.

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