Wild Flour Bread Bakery...

This delectable and delightful place is only open four days a week (F-M) so we missed it when we tried before but there was no way I was leaving this area without visiting.

Located in Sonoma's first historical district, Freestone, CA (pop. 32), Wild Flour does something to you, right upon entering. I actually felt giddy.
Wild Flour Bread features brick oven baked sourdough breads, scones, biscotti and coffee drinks. Working with a wood fired brick oven we produce beautiful hard crust breads that our customers come from miles around to taste. At 8am we open with 4 breads only, our sticky bun, cheese fougasse, goat flat bread and either the Bohemian (apricot, orange and pecan) or the Egyptian (pear, fig and candied ginger) and 1 or 2 out of 4 or 5 daily kinds of our whipping cream scones which have become a daily sellout with flavors like apricot, white chocolate, ginger or double chocolate, espresso, hazelnut.
By 10:30 AM we usually have the remaining breads arrive by the hundreds (we make up to 900 loaves daily and sell only in our bakery!) and the remaining kinds of scones. Generally we have 10 to 12 kinds of bread daily. Each day the variety of breads changes. Like wine tasting we sample all of our breads so that you can experience a huge variety of tastes, and it's fun!
This was truly the most unique and tasty scone I have ever eaten.
We took home a loaf the Fougasse: shitake mushrooms, onion, garlic, jack, swiss and smoked gouda cheeses- a taste sensation. YUM.

After fueling up, we strolled through their spectacular garden. While it was abundant with vegetables, I was drawn to the flowers that grew there.

I am eager to return to this gastronomic treasure chest. What a neat little place worth exploring!

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