The Coastal Sights of Fort Bragg

We spent the morning on the scenic Ten Mile Beach Trail, also referred to by locals as the MacKerricher Haul Road Trail, which is part of an old road that was used to transport lumber. It hugs the Pacific coastline, traveling across a unique and environmentally sensitive sand dune area, the perfect spot of our picnic.

These interesting plants were beaten by the intense waves and still held on. We had never seen foliage like this before. It was mesmerizing to watch.
Babies are everywhere!

The flora was fabulous.

This unique bridge, over Pudding Creek, was the start of the lumber trading route terminating many hundreds of miles away in Eureka 150 years ago. Built in 1915-1916 by the Union Lumber Company, this bridge is the only original railroad trestle remaining on the corridor. I'll talk more about the lumber business later.
Dinner was at Sea Pal Restaurant, back at Noyo Harbor. This was some of our best Fish & Chips yet. A great deal of the appeal could have been the view overlooking the fishing boats or the characters populating the docks. Whatever the reason, this was a fantastic meal by the sea.

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Wow how lovely! looks like another amazing adventure!

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