A Coastal Hike & A Little Town

Without the usual morning fog, we started our day early. The harbor, in which we are camped, was picturesque and so peaceful.

Our first stop was Shell Beach for tidepooling.
We then embarked on a diverse coastal trail. We ambled through unique foliage and gazed over imposing cliffs.

We marveled at all we observed.

Our picnic spot, at 350' overlooking Goat Rock, was one of our favorites.
The Monarch migration has begun and I was mesmerized.

Wanting to experience a little local history, we headed inland to Duncans Mills. Beverages and YUM was found at Gold Coast Coffee and Bakery before we strolled through the picturesque village.
In 1877, two brothers, Samuel and Alexander Duncan, established a sawmill here. The mills sent lumber to the growing city of San Francisco.
Starting in the 1870s, the narrow-gauge North Pacific Coast Railroad ran through Duncans Mills. After being sold several times, the railroad ceased operation in the 1930s. The town slowly faded, until a 1976 restoration project, associated with the celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial, brought about a period of building restoration and business re-vitalization. Today, Duncans Mills resembles the way it was originally built. It has an authentic Northwestern Pacific Railroad Depot and several original cars from the old railroad line. We enjoyed this step back in time.
Dinner back at Porto Bodega RV, overlooking the harbor, was the perfect end to our day. Man do we love having gravel in our travel.

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For Travel's Sake said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the wildlife and the hike. It is hard to believe you are in California!

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