Mendocino County Fair...

Timing is everything and when we saw that the Annual Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show was happening this weekend, we knew we had to go. This hometown fair, started in 1924, takes place in Mendocino County’s historic and picturesque Anderson Valley and has remained an old-time harvest festival. Once a year, Anderson Valley’s biggest metropolis (Boonville Pop. 715) opens the fairground gates to the crowds.

There truly was something for everyone. From a parade to classic cars...
Award-winning produce...
The biggest cabbage... ever!
A 222 lb. pumpkin...
And award-winning home-baked goodies...
We were both thoroughly enthralled by the Angora Rabbit shearing demonstration. We learned a great deal about rabbits and their wool.
Oh man, the animals were the best! We loved the 4-H and FFA livestock, all beautifully groomed.
They were unique and quite lovable.

While I did not partake of a Mac & Cheese stuffed bacon burger, I delighted in having the opportunity. Fair food is like no other food.
A first for us was being spectators at a Sheepdog Trial. This trial is a competitive dog sport in which herding dogs move sheep around a field, fences, gates, and enclosures as directed by their handlers. [Interestingly, the first dog trials were held in New Zealand, in 1867] The first dog trial we observed was deemed "Awesome" by an observer who seemed knowledgeable. The second dog out, ignored the sheep completely and went to the arena's fencing as if to herd some of the audience members. People were laughing, but it was all in fun.

For rodeo fans in California, one of the best rodeo organizations is the California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association, also known as the CCPRA. Known for having some of the most exciting rodeos in the western United States, this was the highlight of our day.

The day was one of over 100° temperatures yet it did not take away from how cool this event was. It did feel like an old-fashioned day of good fun, much pride and truly something different for us.

Let's all go to the country fair,
there's blossoms and ribbons and hope in the air.
The harvest is in and we have time to spare,
and the best place to be is the county fair.

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Jenny Anderson-Sweatt said...

Love your photos and following all of the fun things you are doing.

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