"The End of Your Life Book Club"...

We chose to have a lazy day by the bay for our final day. After strolling the harbor, doing some laundry and tidying up, we set up our beach chairs and read.

I had been trying to read The End of Your Life Book Club for some time. The story of a man and his mom reading together, while she endures chemo for an incurable cancer, struck me as difficult until I really delved into it. This is one of those books that will continue to permeate my mind, making me like it more and more. I really recommend it. It was the perfect read for this day.

“That's one of the amazing things great books like this do -
they don't just get you to see the world differently,
they get you to look at people, the people all around you, differently.”
― Will Schwalbe (talking not about his own book)

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