Beach Cleanup & Some Rowing

Each year, concerned citizens gather together to clean up our coasts, how awesome that one such event was happening right near our campground.

I was gleeful to volunteer for this event (while Steve was burdened with the task of doing our laundry). Hundreds of cigarette butts, an entire bike in pieces, remnants of a homeless encampment and various other trash was removed by our team. What an awesome way to start a day.

Our campground host wears many hats and today it was Captain, as he invited us to row with him, a first for us. We were to go out not in just any boat but a Whaleboat! “Monomoys” were used in life-saving and whaling for most of the 20th century. These open-water boats weigh about one ton and carry a crew of ten: 8 rowers, a coxswain and a bowhook.
Dusty's goal is to promote open water coastal rowing where crews work together, vs the solitary kayaker.

What an incredible experience. There was something mesmerizing rowing in sync on the beautiful harbor's surface. I understand better the lure of the sea!

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