Glass Beach...

One doesn't usually think of a dump as a tourist destination, but Glass Beach is/was just that.

In 1906, Fort Bragg residents established an official water dump site behind the Union Lumber Company. Most water fronted communities had these type of sites discarding glass, appliances, and even vehicles. Locals referred to it as "The Dumps."

I was amazed at the beauty. Nature took trash and transformed it into treasures.

This beach has lost its treasures because of people like these, who discard the rules and take the glass home. I guess the signs saying "Don't" don't apply to them.
We only took photos and left with great memories of Glass Beach.

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Looks so pretty, I love all the beautiful glass!

Nesbit Library rocks! said...

There's one of these in Hawaii on Kauai too! Super cool.

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