Author Gary Noy Returns to the Library

Sierra native and author, Gary Noy, is one of my favorite storytellers. I am mesmerized each time he presents.

Tonight was no exception. Gary returned with “A Tale of  Two Icons,” the sad history of two famous California Gold Rush symbols- James Marshall, the discoverer of gold at Coloma in 1848, and Sutter’s Fort, the frontier castle of John Sutter. Gary examined how the two individuals who had the most to gain from the Gold Rush, Marshall and Sutter, both died in poverty while yearning to regain their previous glory. He related how their tragic decline was symbolized by the crumbling Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento. Gary is the author of Sierra Stories: Tales of Dreamers, Schemers, Bigots and Rogues and is presently writing a book on the California Gold Rush, scheduled for release in 2017. I cannot wait. I wish I had him for a professor when I was in college. I would have done so much better. 

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