Napa Valley Marina...

Following signs to Cuttings Wharf, a historic locale off the beaten Wine Path, we stumbled upon the very intriguing Napa Valley Marina.

Since 1957, the Giovannoni family has been serving the boating public, providing recreational enjoyment for thousands. It all started when Larry Giovannoni talked his brother Albert into building a marina on land they purchased along the Napa River. They bought 40 acres of land, a tractor, built their own dredge and docks, and went into business. They broke the levee, flooded the hole and the Napa Valley Marina was born.
I have a thing for boats. Maybe it's being the daughter of a sailor, I'm not sure but spending some time in this shipyard was interesting for both of us. Why are all these boats here? We were truly mystified by the entire place.

“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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