We're in Canada...

We departed America and have begun our Great North adventure!

We didn't get far, stopping in the first 'big' town- Cardston. Here we took care of business, after being in a National Park for a few days (laundry, gas, post office, groceries, money, etc).
Canada's paper money is beautiful and very complicated. The shiny part is actually a see-through plastic film with holographic images printed on it. For coins, there are loonies ($1), toonies ($2) and seemingly no pennies (they just round up).
But what they do have, in excess, is favors of potato chips. Oh my goodness, more unique flavors exist than I would ever want to try but wow: Ketchup, Cheddar & Onion, Maple Bacon, Poutine, Harissa Humus, Thai Curry, Dill Pickle, Canadian Burger, Jalapeno Popper, Baby Back Rib, Ballpark Hot dog and for dessert, Milk Chocolate Covered ones. We picked up a bag of Turkey Stuffing flavored: crunchy rippled potato chips made with a holiday-inspired savoury seasoning.

Canada has already surprised us and we're only a few miles over the border!

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Cyndy Brown said...

Ballpark Hotdog? How'd they get that flavor????? Got the card and pic of "US"...thanks so much!!!

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