Flathead Lake, Montana

For our first night back, we are camped along the shores of the very Tahoesque, Flathead Lake. I'm going to let the photos express its beauty.

Come and enjoy beauty and serenity on Flathead Lake sheltered by a lush and mature fir, pine, and larch forest. Bring a picnic and enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and camping!
West Shore offers glacially-carved rock outcrops that provide spectacular views of Flathead Lake and the Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges.

I am a lover of "heart rocks" so my time on the shore involved searching for them. I found some beautiful ones, too.

So far, we are loving Montana.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Montana is gorgeous. Anyone who says otherwise has never been.

Cyndy Brown said...

At first I thought the pink flower had an interesting center...nature is constantly tricking us. Did you stumble upon the "heart" on the tree or was it marked!

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