City Garden Doughnuts...

There's a new high-end doughnut shop in Santa Rosa which opened on National Donut Day (June 2).

These aren’t workaday donuts or wacky cereal-coated marshmallow-dipped curiosities that are more fun to look at than eat. Instead, City Garden takes a more subtle approach using intensely-flavored glazes made with fresh fruit.
I loved this:
Let’s talk flavors. “The sky is the limit with what we’ll do and the evolution will be never-ending,” McCandless says with enthusiasm. “We’ll start with the maple-bacon, the classic. We use Hobbs bacon [a Bay Area company] and make the maple from both Vermont maple syrup and a little local honey.” The maple-bacon is visually appealing with a giant slab of crispy bacon laid atop the neatly maple-glazed pillowy dough. Fluffy and moist, the doughnut sets itself up against the crispy bacon perfectly for a sweet and savory treat that tastes “like Sunday morning,” McCandless says.
We had to try the bacon. At $4.25, this was the most expensive doughnut we have ever eaten but it was truly delicious and we felt it was a quality treat.

Unlike traditional doughnuts often made from a mix, City Garden uses a scratch baking technique with plenty of fresh local butter, milk and flour, and up to a day of proofing process for richer, but less greasy, crave-worthy result. Just like a doughnut ought to be.
In addition to a very unique doughnut experience, I love that the owner did his research and named this place, based on local history. City Garden Doughnuts' name is derived from the 1860’s-era Santa Rosa public garden that once stood nearby. Pretty cool stuff in this pretty cool town.

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