Moments in Montana...

We are only meandering through Montana briefly on our way to Coeur d'Alene. We will return for a longer stay after Idaho. 

As we sat at a stoplight, I was laughing at this street sign No Friggin Way in the town of Woodside. It took me a while to decide to capture the image, so I missed the No, but you get the idea. Don't you love clever?
And can't you just guess what this Ruby-throated Hummingbird might be saying, "Hey, I'm looking at you!"

Probably our most difficult to find campsite was Quartz Flat Campground, located in the Lolo National Forest. Hidden behind a Rest Stop, without its own exit, we passed it and had to back up in the exit only driveway. We were beat and this was a pretty idyllic spot for our one night in Montana... for now.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Montana is amazing. It looks like the wildflowers are holding strong...
Love the hummingbird photo.
When we were in Montana getting a site was difficult. You often have to wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning to get in line for a site!! Your site was difficult to find but not difficult to get... enjoy the sights! ;)

Cyndy Brown said...

That hummingbird is amazing! Love the sign>

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