A Hike Between Two Countries...

I don't know how much you know about Waterton, but we arrived with very little advance knowledge about this spectacular park. It was the Rotary Clubs of Alberta and Montana that proposed, in 1931, uniting Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta and Glacier National Park in Montana as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the first such park in the world. It was intended not just to promote peace and goodwill between nations, but also to underscore the international nature of wilderness and the co-operation required in its protection.

Today, we wanted to hike between two countries so we boarded the 165-passenger Historic M.V. International (built on Waterton Lake in 1927 by the same people who built the Prince of Wales Hotel). For an hour, we were given a guided tour as we cruised the lake, heading to Goat Haunt, Montana, USA.

The deep groove, on the right, is the border between Canada and America. Wild, right?
Here we are at the dock at Goat Haunt. It was exceptionally picturesque.
The U.S. Goat Haunt Port of Entry is a United States Class B Port of Entry, all travelers crossing the border at Goat Haunt must present documents that are Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant. What??? U.S. and Canadian Citizens must present a Passport. What an interesting start to a hike!
This was the most wooded, non-groomed, untraveled trail we have ever been on! To get back to Waterton, we embarked on a 9 mile hike through some very interesting terrain.

And there was ample evidence that we were in bear country (that's scat)! Steve clacked rocks together and there might have been some raucous singing, too. We were completely alone for most of the 15 km hike.

And here we are at the 49th Parallel. I'm in Canada and Steve is frolicking in America. So dang cool!
We are exactly on the border, sharing some international love! Way, way cool. What an incredible way to spend Day #2 in Waterton.

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