Scenes of Idaho Part 1...

I want to share some of our favorite photos/finds of this surprisingly awesome state.

 This sign is a little funny and a whole lot true!
Highway 93 put us in some of Idaho's most beautiful scenery. Having the distinction of being the 100th National Forest Scenic Byway, Sawtooth Scenic Byway rolls north through fertile agricultural land and high mountain passes of more than 8,000'.
Traveling through the Sawtooth Scenic Byway is like having a massive lesson in geology. Around every bend is a new sight to behold and those sights are jaw dropping and awe inspiring.  Countless times we pulled over to take photo after photo.
Almost everywhere we found these signs directing us to Highway Historical Markers. These informative stops allowed us to connect Idaho's lush history with her scenic geography, where Idaho's highways and history intersect. We stopped at almost all of them. What a great way to learn about Idaho's past. Wow.
That small trickle of water is the Salmon River Headwaters. Highway 93 changed names and became the Salmon River Scenic Byway which follows the same path Lewis and Clark traveled over two centuries ago (more about them later).

It's not often one sees "a boiling fountain" as fur trader Alexander Ross called Sunbeam Hot Springs. Located just alongside the road, children were frolicking in its curative waters.
Clayton (population 7) was just one of many little towns that are rich in history. Each demanded more time than we could give it. Next time!
Okay, so this was something I did not enjoy reading, but it is a part of the local history here. This site was a bison jump used once by mounted Shoshone, sometime in the mid-1800s. A bison jump is a cliff formation historically used to hunt and kill plains bison in mass quantities by Native Americans. At least they only used it once.
And this was where we ended our day, camped along the Salmon River at Cottonwood Campground. The sound of the rushing waters lulled us to sleep!

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

All this just makes me super excited about my trip to Idaho in August! Thank goodness there are places that are less populated than Southern California...
Love the pics! Love seeing snow on the hills!

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