Glacier National Park Day 2

We began our day by getting out in it all.

Our plan was lunch at Avalanche Lake, a four mile round trip stroll through some beautiful forested land which paralleled the rushing waters of Avalanche Creek.

And this is where we had lunch, on the shores of Avalanche Lake. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

 Did I mention there were 1,200 varieties of plants in the park?

 This made me think of Bob & Jenny, my fungi loving friends!

We ended our day at Lake Mc Donald Lodge. For 103 years, this has been the hospitality hub of the Lake. Behinds us is a Red Bus. Since 1914 there has been a bus service in the park. This actual one is a restored one from 1936. What an iconic image to see in front of the iconic lodge.

We came for the Huckleberry Pie. Montana is the land of huckleberries and this was our first, and certainly not last, foray into eating this delicious fruit.

Today was the day of nature sighting. These were my favorite critters whose images I captured.

Glacier is exceeding all our expectations. We are truly happy campers.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

It's like a trip down memory lane! Except for Harry the caterpillar. I don't remember him! He's the kind of guy you don't forget!
Was there many people up there at Avalanche Lake? It was fairly crowded when we were there.
Have you eaten fresh huckleberries? That's the best part of hiking in Glacier... the snacks along the trail! Just watch out for the competition... the bears... :)

Cyndy Brown said...

The caterpillar looks like it hopped off the pages of a Dr. Seuss sweet. Love those huckleberries.

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