Fallen Leaf Lake & Beyond...

It was a gorgeous day to head to Fallen Leaf Lake.

First stop was the very beautiful Glen Alpine Falls. What an amazing display of power.

We introduced Casey and Linda to Lily Lake and it was spectacular.

The gang is standing on the dam built by Anita Baldwin in 1934. Anita Baldwin (1876-1939) was the daughter of Elias Jackson "Lucky" Baldwin, a prominent California businessman and investor. The only outflow from the lake is via Taylor Creek, which is controlled by this long, low concrete dam with an adjustable spillway. Currently, water is flowing out at a very exciting rate.
“Of all the paths you take in life,
make sure a few of them are dirt.”
-John Muir

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Always such beautiful flowers wherever you go! Life is such an adventure!

Karen Booth said...

Oh, the water reflections and flowers. Grazie for the smiles.

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