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Now it feels like Summer! Today was our normal routine for a Thursday.

One of our most rewarding volunteer positions is as an ADA guide, helping disabled people get into Emerald Bay. Prior to the Park Service offering this, the only way to be in the Bay was to either hike or boat in. Not an option for most. Today we escorted two cars full of kind and appreciative guests. What a treat.

Here's Steve being helpful... it's a tough job.
Wanting to get some exercise while volunteering, we hiked out of Emerald Bay to the overlook. Lower Eagle Falls, to Steve's right, were flowing powerfully. Wow.

Okay, so I'm on a wildflower "kick" right now. I can't help it. They are everywhere and are so beautiful.

This was a super cool find for me because I've only seen this moth in photos by Bob and Jenny. The sphinx moth is also called the hawk moth and the hummingbird moth because of its hovering, swift flight patterns. These stout-bodied moths have long, narrow forewings and shorter hindwings, with wingspans ranging from 2 to 8 inches. Many species pollinate flowers such as orchids, petunias and evening primroses while sucking their nectar with a proboscis (feeding tube) that exceeds 10 inches in some species.
I actually caught the moth feeding. Check out that proboscis!
An added treat was running into Helen Henry Smith. This amazing women spent the first 14 years of her life, summering here with Lora Knight at Vikingsholm Castle. It is always wonderful to hear her stories of life in Emerald Bay.
Next stop was meeting up with Cyndi and Steve at the free concert series Live at Lakeview Commons. This event SCREAMS summer every Thursday night for ten weeks. We've missed a couple but we'll try to get in the most we can.

The opening act was story teller, producer and multi instrumentalist Patrick Walsh who "brings a fresh sound from the world of no genres.  Born and raised in the gold rush towns of Northern California he often incorporates local history and experiences into his songs." This guy plays in town often and we saw him last year and were so impressed. This one man band was incredible. What a fun afternoon in South Lake Tahoe.

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Karen Booth said...

Thanks for the flower smiles AND amazing moth photo. I can feel your glee over getting that photo. The rest of the day took me back to our first visit with you. We had a Thursday afternoon at Vikingsholm followed by an evening concert at the beach with Steve and Cyndi. Great memory.

Nesbit Library rocks! said...

I saw one of those moths for the first time yesterday--thanks for making me take notice of it! So unique.

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