Keith Urban in Tahoe...

I'm going to say it right now... I love Keith Urban. Steve understands, especially after tonight.

We arrived early for our tailgating concert listening so Gwen, Linda and I decided to get a little closer to Keith.
Okay, close to images of Keith. My favorite song of his, Cop Car, kept playing in my head as we trespassed.

No, we didn't get this close but our friend, Cyndi, did. She was at Wednesday's concert and these are her photos. Wow, right?!

From where we were, we could hear every word Keith said. His songs had a clarity to them that made us feel right there. The personality we fell in love with, during his stint as an American Idol judge, permeated the air. I must admit, there was a lot of swooning, even in the "cheap seats".  
Doesn't this just scream "Summer"? Oh man, so fun. I ♥ Keith Urban especially in Tahoe!

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Karen Booth said...

Great Keith pics. If Jenny had been at the concert with her camera, she could have gotten a photo of Keith's eyeball, or lips :) Where is the photo of you going over the fence in a skirt? I guess you are not longer a "best behaved kid".

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