Dangberg Ranch & a Chautauqua....

We came to our favorite off the hill place to learn a little history and be entertained by Dana Blane, Larry Lippmann and Mike Trute. These talented performers portrayed local historical figures:  Donner Party survivor, Patty Reed; Stagecoach driver, Hank Monk; and U.S. Marshall, Warren Wasson.

The house that stands here was built by a family that played an important role in the growth and shaping of Carson Valley, Nevada. Heinrich Friedrich Dangberg was only eighteen when he came to America in 1848.

Four generations of Dangbergs lived at the Home Ranch, and they each help in understanding the changes that occur in the histories of American ranching families. Each time we come we leave a little more educated and delighted.

History lessons are so much more fun when shared. This was Stephen and Karen's first visit to the Ranch.

Oh man, history lessons are incredible here and we are eager learners!!!

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

So, so fun! What a lovely spot too!

Karen Booth said...

My friend, Mary, was at her family cabin on Lake Chautauqua on this day. Fun coincidence - right? I agree with Deb on this being a lovely spot!

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