SF to Tahoe via Wine Country...

Annie is a lot like me in that a brief mention of something sets in motion a plan.

I mentioned how impressed we had been with the Francis Ford Coppola Winery and without any hesitation she said, "Let's go there on the way home!" (FYI Geyserville is a slight detour on the way back to Tahoe).

We purchased a refreshing glass of Sofia Rosé and sat by the pool.

Owned by the famed director, this place is a combination of film museum, an adult's dream play land and a wonderful oasis- surrounded by vines.

 "Winemaking & Filmmaking are two of California's great art forms."
- Francis Ford Coppola

Once back in Tahoe, we hit the ground running for a Music Concert Trifecta.
First stop was Lakeview Commons for Vokab Kompany and extreme people watching.
We then walked the shoreline and found ourselves rocking to surf tunes with the Tiki Lounge Lizards. They were amazingly fun.

We hung out there until the sun and the temperatures went down.
We ended our extraordinary day at Riva Grill in the company of our two favorite musicians, Ike & Martin.
Kind of sums it up!

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

What a day! The Golden Gate bridge, wine country, a concert... and Ike and Martin?! I hope you slept a long time, incorporating two naps into your nights sleep. :)
PS I like the yncntry license plate. Clever. Mine would be yndrnkr.

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